Sadly, being good and kind is a dying art. I think about this a lot as I look around our world today. I think about it in the context of raising three sons and talking with them about how to handle situations in their lives and how to be good brothers, friends and teammates. I discuss this with friends whenever we get together to catch up on our lives. I say this several times each week to our clients in the context of advising them on employment policies and employee issues. I hear others in our office say the same.

At Lake Effect, we want to help bring back Being Good and Kind. As lawyers, we are tasked with helping our clients avoid risk and liability. We have seen time and time again that if our Client Employers approach the workplace and their employees being mindful of what is good and kind, being respectful and thoughtful, everything falls into place. Tension in the office dissipates. Workplace issues get resolved. Collaboration infuses the environment. Managers connect with their direct reports. Employees are more engaged and productive. Risk diminishes. Culture begins to define itself. Mission permeates the actions of all. The organization thrives, as does each and every employee.

This mindset is reinforced by the video short, “Mr. Indifferent”, designed for Emirates NBD Bank, by Aryasb Feiz, the production company Hanzo FZE, and the agency Leo Burnett, Dubai:

To be part of the movement to bring back Being Good and Kind, contact any of the lawyers and HR professionals at Lake Effect HR & Law, LLC,