Share the Love with Your Employees

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day we show a little extra love to those who are special to us. After the last two years, we all need a few more candy conversation hearts. Take a few moments today to take care of yourself and encourage your team to do the same. As we move through 2022, continue to practice self-care and provide your staff with resources to support their mental wellness, engagement, and professional development.

Take time for self-care. Leaders, we see you taking care of your staff, customers, and families. Thank you for all you do! Please keep your tank filled and battery charged so you can continue to take care of others. Take a moment for you!

Tell your staff you appreciate them. Everyone wants to be seen and appreciated. A heartfelt thank you can go a long way. You know your staff the best, so make the message meaningful to each recipient.

Provide your team members with the resources they need. More than ever before, employees are seeking flexible work schedules, hybrid work environments, professional growth, a supportive workplace culture, and relevant benefits. Ask your employees what they need to be successful in their roles while balancing their personal responsibilities. Here are a few ideas to bring that to life:

  • Remind your team members to take time for self-care – and remind them again
  • Lead by example by taking care of yourself
  • Implement a flexible work schedule
  • Consider a 4-day work week or reduced schedule
  • Review workloads, including the leaders within your organization
  • Develop a buddy system to check in on each other, especially in a remote or hybrid work environment
  • Create an environment where it feels safe to say “I need help on a project” or “I need a break to step away for an hour”
  • Encourage staff to volunteer in the community to support causes that are important to them
  • Post your Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) access information so it is easily accessible
  • Remind your employees about some of the hidden perks within your benefits plans: discounts on massage, credits for workouts, wellness resources and apps, and the like
  • Partner with local nonprofits to provide mental wellness resources to your staff
  • Implement or expand a coaching and development program to help employees align their professional development goals with your organization’s strategic initiatives
  • Practice empathic leadership, fostering a sense of meaningful connection and belonging

During the past two years, the Lake Effect team has been doing something together every month. We have done virtual 5K’s, laughed while attempting to do virtual workouts together, shared reading suggestions, and even tried cooking the same recipe together via Zoom. This month, we are challenging ourselves to do three things every day and we would LOVE you to join us in the challenge: do something each day for yourself physically, mentally, and professionally.

As we close on this Valentine’s Day, Jane is supporting a local restaurant, Sheila is heading out for a run, Holly is making memories with her kids, Leann is taking a vacation with her family, Jenn is volunteering her time delivering flowers, and Tricia is playing outside soaking up the sunshine. Tell us how you are taking care of yourself this month.

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